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Wholesale Dried Herbs & Spices

Top Quality to Meet Your Requirements

We are producers and importers of dried herbs, spices, vegetables and fruit. We specialise in the growing of parsley and other English Herbs, while maintaining extensive stocks of a very broad range of imported goods.

To help achieve our aim of complete customer satisfaction Camstar Herbs has developed a custom built harvesting machine which picks the herb leaves to be dried, thereby enhancing the quality of the finished leaf flakes. This is a way of harvesting which gives the option of tailoring the bulk index to suit individual Camstar customers' specific jar fill requirements.

The superior leaf quality obtained also enhances the appearance of the final product, with colour separation equipment removing any remaining discoloured leaf.

In-line heat treatment ensures that Camstar Herbs can supply  very low microbiological levels.

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Our state of the art Ploeger harvester at work in the parsley field.


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Camstar’s commitment to the environment and sustainability has reached next level results, continuing to work alongside iiE we've achieved Silver certification withiin 12 months.

Key achievements over the past year:

  • Completed 3 Environmental and Social projects – caring for our local area...
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brcgs Grade aa+ For Camstar

The BRC Global Certification Standards are always rigorous and highly detailed, and for several years now Camstar Herbs have had the privilege of AA status. That's the highest certification level achievable possible based on...
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