Camstar Herbs... the largest producer of dried parsley in Europe

Large enough to cope
Camstar Herbs are the largest producer of dehydrated  parsley in the world, with over 3,000 acres dedicated to parsley and 1,000 acreas to other crops. We have 260,000 sqft. of production and storage facilities. Customers can contract for annual supplies at pre-agreed prices or we are able to supply on a spot basis.

Small enough to care
Camstar Herbs are also a major producer of many other herbs and welcome interaction with potential customers to co-develop products which meet their individual requirements.

From field to factory in less than half an hour ...
Freshly harvested crop is essential in producing the high quality Camstar products.

Camstar Herbs are continuing a growing tradition built up over four generations and over 100 years experience.

 A proven quality control system and rigorous testing ensures that Camstar products, which have the lowest microbiological counts in the industry, are the finest available.

Trading in Herbs and Spices from Around the World
We trade in a wide range of quality assured products. Please check out our product range online for specifications and product photographs.

If you can't find what you want then we are always looking to expand our range, so be sure to contact us.

Camstar Herbs ... Looking to the future
Whilst proud of our past, our commitment today is as strong as ever.

Camstar is constantly active in researching new products, improving quality and microbiological levels, and extending the existing comprehensive range.



Our beloved founder Richard John Bruce Starke (1945-2013). A greatly respected visionary in the world of herb processing.


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