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Bühler Coloursorting

Our Bühler coloursorter can greatly improve quality by removing discoloured product, and any foreign materials that are distinguishable by colour.



Below is a list from Bühler of products that could be sorted with our machine in it's current configuration. Other products are of course possible, if you wish to make an enquiry it would help if you can provide photos of the product and product defects.

Barley Seeds
Buckwheat Seeds
Durum Wheat Seeds
Linseed Brown Seeds
Linseed Golden Seeds
Rape Seeds
Rye Seeds
Soft Wheat Seeds
Clover Seeds
Carrot Seeds
Chicory Seeds
Onion Seeds
Radish Seeds
Sunflower Decorticated
Barley Unhulled
Buckwheat Hulled
Buckwheat Unhulled
Corn Grits
Durum Wheat Broken
Durum Wheat Whole
Millet Hulled (groat)
Millet Unhulled
Groat Kilned
Groat Unkilned
Oat Unhulled
Soft Wheat Broken
Soft Wheat Whole
HDPE flakes
R-PET Flakes
Chick Peas Split without skin
Split Moong Beans (Dal) Washed
Lentils Brown
Lentils Green Whole
Lentils Yellow
Lentils Red Split
Red Whole with skin
Peas Blue Whole
Peas Yellow Split
Dal Toor
Marjoram Dried
Dehydrated Cabbage
Dehydrated Carrot Sliced
Dehydrated Onion White
Dehydrated Onion Yellow
Dehydrated Parsnip

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements
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