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Rumex acetosa, Sorrel

A Classic Victorian Herb

Common sorrel is native to the British Isles. While it was once widely cultivated it is now better known as a wild food, although this doesn't stop gardeners from planting it for personal use with a number of varieties being available.

Sorrel, a colourful variety  

The presence of oxalic acid gives sorrel a pleasant sharp taste, and a good concentration of vitamin C makes it a healthy dietary addition, at one time it was used to prevent scurvy.


Throughout Europe, Asia and Africa it's used as a salad ingredient, and in soups. In India the leaves, called Chukkakura, are used with yellow lentils to make toor dal.

Sorrel leaves


Camstar Herbs will be offering best quality UK grown dried Sorrel leaf as soon as the 2015 harvest becomes available.

Martin Hoxworth - Group Sales Manager:
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CP283SOSorrel Rubbed 3-4mm