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Trigonella foenum-graecum, Fenugreek

Known for it's use in curries, Fenugreek is very popular in Indian cooking where it is often refered to as 'methi'. It's believed that is was first cultivated in the near east, this being supported by the discovery of dessicated seeds in the Tomb of Tutankamen, and some from Iraq which were carbon dated to 4000BC.

The long history, and attractive taste of fenugreek have lead it to be important in a number of cultures, it's part of Persia's natial dish and is consumed as part of Jewish new year celebrations.

The dried seeds are ground and toasted to improve the flavour, but also the leaves can be dried and used as a herb and the fresh leaves eaten as a vegetable.

Medically, fenugreek has some interesting properties. It's a galactagogue, which means that it increases the production of milk for women who are breast feeding. It's been suggested that it may also help with the symptoms of the menopause, and could be some use in the treatment of diabetes.

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Martin Hoxworth - Group Sales Manager:
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