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Anthriscus cerefolium, Chervil

A Classic Victorian Herb


Native to the Caucasus Mountains Chervil was taken around Europe by the Romans. Thanks to this it is now popular enough to be grown throughout Europe, although it is the French who are particularly fond of it.

In France cerfeuil as they call it is one of the four traditional fines herbes. It's used with fish, poultry, soups and sauces. The mild flavour is has a hint of aniseed, and is said to be similar to Parsley.

Healthwise, Chervil is credited as being an expectorant and anti-inflammatory. It's used for coughs, and also as a mild painkiller.

In the garden it has a reputation for being popular with slugs, and is thus often used as a bait for them. To create natural pest control all that's needed is to plant chervil next to your more delicate crops, although of course it's always possible that you'd simply attract even more slugs.


Camstar Herbs will be offering best quality UK grown dried Chervil leaf as soon as the 2015 harvest becomes available.


Martin Hoxworth - Group Sales Manager:
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