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Allium ursinum, Bear's Garlic

Bears Garlic

While in the UK garlic itself is often associated with foreign food, Bear's Garlic is actually a native plant. Indeed it's presence is an indicator of ancient woodland. With it's strong scent it's easily found, although any would be harvester should beware of similar looking plants which are poisonous.

The plants themselves are known as Ramsons, although they have a good selection of alternate names. Buckrams, wild garlic, devil's garlic and witches onions are just a few. The connection with bears, confirmed by 'ursinium' in the scientific name, has arisen because bears are known to dig them up for food.

Bears Garlic  

The leaves are edible, with a taste of garlic and chives. Culinary uses are many and include salads, soups, risottos, pestos or it can simply be boiled as a vegetable.



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