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English Camomile (Roman Type),
Supplier of Essential Oils and Oleoresins

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Camstar has now taken over RWB Starke & Son, formerly our sister company.

Please contact us for our extensive range of available essential oils and oleoresins.

Based in the heart of rural England, the Starke family have been involved with essential oils for four generations. In 1899 Augustus Bruce Starke became established as a supplier and in 1925, when he purchased Chestnuts Farm, his son Ronald Bruce Starke started producing English Essential Oils of Camomile, Sage, Lavender, Peppermint, Dill and Angelica.


In 1963 Richard Bruce Starke took over growing the crops for distillation and as the business developed he was able to start Camstar Herbs Ltd. as a sister company.

Ed Starke, CEO  

Ed Starke has been running the company since 2008, ensuring that the same high standards are met while always looking to extend the company's product range, and in 2015 it was brought officially under the control of Camstar Herbs Ltd.


We are proud to produce the finest quality English Essential Oil by traditional methods.

  • Minimum use of permitted UK and EU approved pesticides. (No ungoverned substances used, as can occur with some imported Essential Oils.)
  • Stock which can be held for you for your call off, at agreed prices for 1 year (no currency exchange differentials).
  • 100% pure and genuine with Certificate of analysis issued by Quality Analysis Ltd. of Withim. A bioassay is available on request.
  • Our distillation process is the same as in Roman times - very natural.

Product Key
NOTE: online specifications for guideline only, always request latest spec before purchase.
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