Spanish Garlic

Our Intrepid Explorers Visit the Source

With the current worries about the detection of peanut allergens in Chinese grown garlic Camstar Group Sales Manager Martin Hoxworth and Camstar Ingredients Operations and Sales Manager Ben Land have wasted no time in getting over to see the current crop in Spain.

Our Kings of Garlic have been surveying the extensive fields of lush new crop with our partners in Spain and soon we will be importing bulbs and dehydrated raw material. All Camstar sites are nut free, including peanuts, so this has been top priority.

Camstar will shortly be supplying Spanish garlic in the usual selection of dried forms, and Camstar Ingredients wet products, including ambient stable garlic purees, are also available using Spanish garlic.

To get up to date info on availability contact Martin Hoxworth,

  Martin checks out the garlic, a fine vintage year in his estimation.
  The crop is looking good! Here we see the immature bulb which has yet to separate into the familiar cloves.
  Ben practises his wizarding skills with the 'garlic wand'.


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