New Equipment for 2019

Here at Camstar herbs we're gearing up for the 2019 season by making some serious investments in equipment.
Our second Ploeger harvester should join our existing one out in the parsley fields in May. The new harvester has a cutting action, different to the plucking action of our current one, so we'll always be able to choose the right one for field conditions. This year for the first time we'll be harvesting Winter Parsley. No bad thing considering the current shortages, caused by last year's drought in the  European growing areas.

  Three new lorries will take the parsley from field to factory, and will have double the capacity of the tractor and trailers that we used in 2018. They'll not only improve efficiency but also create a cost saving and reduce our carbon footprint.

A new welfare unit will not only provide welcome canteen facilities for workers out in the field, but will also have a workshop for running repairs.


Added to all that we're also pleased to be getting a delivery lorry, an added convenience for our customers.



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