Big Investments at Chestnuts Farm

£510,000 for Parsley Plant

We're making some big changes here at Chestnuts Farm, with the focus being on 'Perfect Day Parsley Every Day'. Not every day is perfect for harvest, for instance rain, however welcome for irrigation, also has the tendency to splash soil onto the plants. We've been working hard with Ambit Projects Ltd. to solve those issues once and for all.

For the 2018 season we're going to be running an improved 4 stage cleaning system on the the raw parsley before it even reaches our dryers. Improved washing and drying apparatus from Ambit will be positioned after the existing vibratory conveyor giving us a 4-stage removal of anything other than the parsley itself. (Of course, we'll still be running our state of the art colour sorters on the dry parsley.)

Not only will these improvements give us consistent high grade parsley but we're also predicting that production will increase by at least 20%.



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