Ed’s Adventures in India

Once again Camstar CEO Ed Starke travels the world, and as usual his cover story involves seeking out new connections in the spice trade, with a view to further improve the service we can offer our customers. What's he really up to though? Is this vehicle going to improve his image?


While on his travels Ed enjoyed the hospitality of Gaj Singh II, the Maharaja of Jodphur.



Is he looking for ideas for a re-design of the foyer at Camstar?

  Perhaps he's looking for a role in the latest Bollywood blockbuster, but what's the turban for?

Perhaps it's a ploy to hide a receding hairline while he attracts the attentions of this attractive young lady.



History does not record the result of this encounter...


...however he was last seen at the wheel of a lorry with a large load of turmeric, just about to brave the roads of Chennai.


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