Congratulations Gavin, Tim and Neil

When Gavin Keach started at Camstar back in 2021 the last thing he expected was to be overseeing the construction of a new factory. As Operations Director he's had to make it happen, and his efforts are now recorded on a plaque specially commissionaed by CEO Ed Starke. Of course without the influx of parsley from the fields the factory would remain idle, Estate Manager Tim Stammers has been with Camstar since the dawn of time, it's his responsibility to keep the parsley coming throughout the production season.
Of course, Camstar offer much more than parsley and our warehouses are full of herbs and spices from around the world. Logistics Manager Neil Harkett also seems to have been with us forever, perhaps Tim remembers the day he started. With the recent massive extension to our warehouse space perhaps it'll be a while before he's once again moaning about needing more space. Neils efforts to keep the warehouse fully used at all times are also commerated in a plaque.

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