New Products from Camstar

Rainforrest Alliance certified cassia, and a new range from Mexico

We're very pleased to introduce our customers to Vietnamese cassia that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an initiative that supports rural growers in ways that help to protect valuable eco-systems throughout the world.
These ethnic minority women are so delighted with the arrangement that they now celebrate an annual Cassia Festival. Here we see them in the  tradtional dress of their North Vietnamese homeland demonstrating the harvest. The women can now make a regular living by harvesting the cinnamon which they have planted.

Intreped Martin Hoxworth, our Camstar Group Sales Director also has an impressive list of new products to offer, including Tamarind Puree, Tamarind Juice Concentrate, Sun Dried Tomato Powder, Sundried Tomato Halves and Sundried Tomato Diced.
He is now in the process of sourcing a new products from Mexico, watch this space.

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