CEO's Life of Flavour

Travel and global ingredients inspire me.
I’ve been cooking since the age of seven and have always had a passion for herbs and spices, ethnic ingredients and worldwide foods. This probably stemmed from the fact that Asian, Chinese and Indonesian foods were the first dishes I experienced, although this soon widened to cuisines from all around the globe. I love to travel and this has inspired me to have over 1000 products in my kitchen cupboards! My passion and love for product development led to the creation of bespoke pesto sauces, fermented oriental condiments, herbs, spices and herb and spice pastes from all over the world. It means I have found my perfect job!

The Camstar Group is made up of Camstar Herbs and Camstar Ingredients.

Camstar Herbs has over 2,500 acres under cultivation.
We grow culinary herbs including parsley, coriander, dill, chervil, tarragon, lovage and sage all within a 20-mile radius of our manufacturing site. We control all aspects of the process from seed, agronomy, harvesting, dehydration and warehousing to marketing to customers.

Camstar Ingredients is a proud UK manufacturer of bespoke spice blends.
We listen carefully to the needs of our customers, responding directly with carefully crafted blends, created just for them. We understand tight lead times and deliver products that precisely fit our customer’s needs – even when we are thrown a hefty challenge! We supply major food processors, supermarkets, food service as well as boutique farm shops, delis and Michelin starred restaurants.

Camstar - Services
• BUHLER Coloursorting
• Blending
• Declumping
• Distilling
• Milling
• Moisture Reduction
• Roasting
• New product development
• Bespoke wet and dry spice blends
• Sacheting
• Micro reduction
• Clean Declaration Alternatives

Ed Starke, CEO Camstar Group

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