Clay Pigeon Shoot - 2019

Camstar Growers Show Their Mettle

Held at High Lodge Leisure Ltd. the 2019 Camstar Clay Pigeon Shoot was attended by our growers as well as Camstar Directors and Managers, the Evergreen Harvesting Team, Darryl Shales (Agronomist) and local contractors.
4 teams of 5 set off on the 100 clay shoot, with a mixture of experts and novices in each team, seen in the picture above is Estate Manager Tim Stammers, aided by Production Manager Kerry Reynolds, "up bit...left...left...right a bit....FIRE!".

  This year's winner was was Robert Strachan (Farmer), 2nd Place was Ben Freeman (Evergreen Harvesting) and in 3rd Place was Camstar CEO Edward Starke.

At the end of the event which included breakfast and a hearty lunch Darryl Shales gave a talk on agronomy concerns for 2020.

A good day was had by all.


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