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Spices, Ground and Whole

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Product Key
NOTE: Currently specifications not available online, please request from technical dept.
CP3975 Pepper Mix 25Kg Download Image
CP92PAStandardAllspice Ground25Kg
CP82PAHeat TreatedAllspice Ground HT25Kg  Download Image
CP459ACStandardAmchur Powder25Kg Download Image
CP182ANHeat TreatedAnise Grd (China Star) HT25Kg Download Image
CP222WSAStandardAnise Star Whole STDVarious Download Image
CP395GAHeat TreatedAniseed Ground Steam Treated15,20,25Kg Download Image
CP155AFStandardAsafoetida PowderVarious Download Image
CP62PBHeat TreatedBlack Pepper Cracked 12# HT25Kg Download Image
CP55PBHeat TreatedBlack Pepper Cracked 18# HT25Kg Download Image
CP188PBHeat TreatedBlack Pepper Cracked 8# HT25Kg Download Image
CP54PBNHeat TreatedBlack Pepper Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP218CWStandardCaraway Seed Ground25Kg Download Image
CP440CWStandardCaraway Seed Ground Steam Treated25Kg Download Image
CP224WCSStandardCaraway Seeds WholeVarious Download Image
CP13CGStandardCardamom Green Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP380CGStandardCardamom Ground25Kg Download Image
CP273CHStandardCardamom HuskVarious Download Image
CP272CWStandardCardamom Whole MYQVarious Download Image
CP251CGHeat TreatedCassia Ground 2% VO Steam Treated25Kg Download Image
CP146CPStandardCayenne Powder STD25Kg Download Image
CP105CHTHeat TreatedChilli Flakes HT25Kg Download Image
CP121CHStandardChilli Habanero Powder25Kg Download Image
CP122CJHeat TreatedChilli Jalapeno Powder HT25Kg Download Image
CP432CPHeat TreatedChilli Powder 60-70 ASTA (10,000 SCV) ST25Kg Download Image
CP123CCHeat TreatedChilli Powder Chipotle25Kg Download Image
CP284HCStandardChilli Powder Habanero25Kg Download Image
CP16CPHeat TreatedChilli Powder HT25Kg Download Image
CP233CPNStandardChilli Powder Natural - Valid IT25Kg Download Image
CP409SBChilli Powder Scotch Bonnet25Kg Download Image
CP314CCSHeat TreatedChilli Red Crushed 1-3mm20Kg Download Image
CP228CFSStandardChinese 5 Spice25Kg Download Image
CP418CCGChipotle Chilli Granules (UK Smoked)20Kg Download Image
CP414CPChipotle Chilli Powder (UK Smoked)20Kg Download Image
CP20CNStandardCinnamon Ground25Kg Download Image
CP408CG2Heat TreatedCinnamon Ground Zeylanicum HT25Kg Download Image
CP231CCAStandardCinnamon/Cassia Ground25Kg Download Image
CP21CLStandardCloves Ground25Kg Download Image
CP411CWStandardCloves Whole24Kg Download Image
CP320CORCoriander Ground Roasted Download Image
CP107CSHeat TreatedCoriander Seed Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP138CF3StandardCrushed Chilli 3mm25Kg Download Image
CP24CUHeat TreatedCumin Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP319CGRCumin Ground Roasted Download Image
CP221CGSStandardCumin Ground STD25Kg Download Image
CP458CUHeat TreatedCumin Ground Steam Treated25Kg Download Image
CP59CUHeat TreatedCumin Seed HT25Kg Download Image
CP298RCCumin Seeds Roasted20Kg
CP388DCHeat TreatedDevils Claw Root Powder ST25Kg
CP132DSGHeat TreatedDill Seed Ground25Kg Download Image
CP104DSPStandardDuck Spice Coarse Grd25Kg Download Image
CP27FHHeat TreatedFennel Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP125FGSStandardFennel Ground Std25Kg Download Image
CP198FGStandardFenugreek Seed Ground25Kg Download Image
CP201FSStandardFenugreek Seed Std25Kg Download Image
CP120GAGalangal powder Download Image
CP446GRPStandardGalangal Root Powder25Kg Download Image
CP118GMHeat TreatedGaram Masala HT25Kg Download Image
CP189GMStandardGaram Masala STD25Kg Download Image
CP30GGStandardGarlic Granules 20/402 x 12.5Kg Download Image
CP172GINHeat TreatedGinger Ground SS25Kg Download Image
CP342GAHeat TreatedGreen Aniseed Ground25Kg Download Image
CP90PCGStandardGreen Peppercorns10Kg Download Image
CP32GIHeat TreatedGround Ginger HT25Kg Download Image
CP171GILHeat TreatedGround Ginger SS (India)25Kg Download Image
CP416JGHeat TreatedJalapeno Granules Green 1-3mm22Kg Download Image
CP154JBStandardJuniper Berries Fine CutVarious Download Image
CP283JBStandardJuniper Berries Whole20,25Kg Download Image
CP445JPJuniper Berry Powder25Kg
CP157PLLong Pepper PowderVarious Download Image
CP35MHeat TreatedMace Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP63MStandardMace Ground STD25Kg
CP387MWStandardMace Siaw Whole25Kg Download Image
CP297BNHeat TreatedNutmeg Broken Coarse Steam Treated25Kg Download Image
CP44NMHeat TreatedNutmeg Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP43NMStandardNutmeg Ground STD25Kg
CP407NWStandardNutmeg Whole ABCD25Kg Download Image
CP46OPStandardOnion Powder STD24Kg Download Image
CP180PBStandardOrganicOrganic Cracked Black Pepper Download Image
CP108PPHeat TreatedPaprika 70ASTA HT25Kg Download Image
CP275PFStandardHeat TreatedPaprika Flakes22Kg Download Image
CP280PFStandardPaprika Flakes 0.6-2.2mm25Kg Download Image
CP240PPFHeat TreatedPaprika Ground 70 Asta SS25Kg Download Image
CP266PPHeat TreatedPaprika Ground 75 Asta SS25Kg Download Image
CP431PSHeat TreatedPaprika Powder Smoked 140ASTA HT25Kg Download Image
CP278PPKHeat TreatedPaprika Powder Smoked HT25Kg Download Image
CP185PPHeat TreatedPaprika Smoked HT25Kg Download Image
CP179PBStandardPepper Black Ground 1000ยต HT (Coarse)25Kg
CP167PBHeat TreatedPepper Black Ground HT 1.5VO25Kg
CP242PBHeat TreatedPepper Black Ground SS 400micron25Kg
CP186PBPHeat TreatedPepper Black Ground SS 50 #
CP288PBHeat TreatedPepper Black Steam Treated 14/36#25Kg Download Image
CP281PBHeat TreatedPepper Black Steam Treated 18#25Kg Download Image
CP270WBPHeat TreatedPepper Black Whole SS 550g/l25Kg Download Image
CP435WBPHeat TreatedPepper Black Whole Steam Treated 550g/l 5% min Piperine25Kg
CP187PWPHeat TreatedPepper White Ground Steam Treated Download Image
CP165PCGHeat TreatedPeppercorns Green Ground HT25Kg
CP396WGPPeppercorns Green Whole10Kg Download Image
CP89PCPStandardPink Peppercorns10Kg Download Image
CP111PPStandardPiri Piri BlendVarious Download Image
CP223SPStandardSaffron PowderVarious Download Image
CP153SFStandardSaffron StrandsVarious Download Image
CP457SSStandardSaffron Strands1Kg
CP117ANStandardStar Anise Ground 25Kg Download Image
CP442SUSumac Ground with Salt15Kg Download Image
CP183TPStandardTamarind Paste50Kg
CP225TSSStandardThai 7 SpiceVarious Download Image
CP152TUHeat TreatedTurmeric Ground SS25Kg Download Image
CP321TUStandardTurmeric Ground Std.25Kg Download Image
CP85PWNHeat TreatedWhite Pepper Ground HT25Kg Download Image
CP181PWStandardWhite Pepper Ground Muntok25Kg Download Image
CP91PCWHeat TreatedWhite Peppercorns HT25Kg Download Image

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