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Organic Herbs & Spice

Camstar are now able to offer organic herbs and spice, be sure to contact us with your requirements.

Product Key
NOTE: Currently specifications not available online, please request from technical dept.
CPO01MStandardOrganicMint Natural Organic10Kg Download Image
CPO02PCStandardOrganicParsley Curley 4mm Organic10Kg Download Image
CPO03PCStandardOrganicCurry Leaves Organic2.5Kg Download Image
CPO04CGStandardOrganicCoriander Ground Organic25Kg Download Image
CPO06RCHeat TreatedOrganicRosemary Cut SS Organic10Kg Download Image
CPO07THeat TreatedOrganicThyme Wild SS Organic10Kg Download Image
CPO35GSStandardOrganicSage Ground Organic Download Image
CPO05GBPStandardOrganicGround Black Pepper Organic
CPO18GGOrganicGarlic Granules Organic25Kg Download Image
CPO39GGOrganicGinger Ground Organic25Kg Download Image
CPO34WPGHeat TreatedOrganicPepper White Grd. Organic25Kg Download Image
CPO09BOrganicBasil Leaves Organic5,10,15Kg
CPO10BPOrganicBasil Powder Organic20,25Kg
CP011BGOrganicBay Leaves Ground Organic20,25Kg
CPO40CBPOrganicBlack Pepper Cracked Organic
CPO43CCOrganicChilli Red Crushed
CPO19GPOrganicGarlic Powder Organic20,25Kg
CPO36GMOrganicMace Ground Organic25Kg
CPO37RMOrganicMarjoram Rubbed Organic10Kg
CPO23PLOrganicParsley Leaves Organic
CPO41PFOrganicParsley Flakes Organic8Kg
CPO30ROrganicRosemary Cut Organic17Kg
CPO31SOrganicSage Rubbed Organic
CPO42TPOrganicTomato Powder Organic25Kg

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