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A range of naturally grown herbs, many of them sourced by us from the mountains and hills of Albania. Botanical Herbs are valued for their medicinal properties.

Below is just a selection of what we can offer, contact us for your requirements.




Product Key
NOTE: Currently specifications not available online, please request from technical dept.
CP537AAlfalfa Powder Download Image
CP522BSBean Shell Cut Download Image
CP366CFCamomile Flowers Download Image
CP393CHCatnip Herb12.5Kg Download Image
CP533CBChaste Tree Berries Whole Download Image
CP354CRChicory Powder Download Image
CP436CHComfrey Leaves Cut Download Image
CP508DPDandelion Leaf Powder Download Image
CP504DLDandelion Leaves Cut Download Image
CP400DRDandelion Root PowderVarious Download Image
CP534EHEchinacea Purpurea Herb18,22Kg Download Image
CP341EFElderberry Flowers Download Image
CP403ELEucalyptus Leaves CutVarious Download Image
CP385EBEyebright Herb PowderVarious Download Image
CP470GRGalangal Root Kibbled25Kg Download Image
CP365GTGreen Tea Sencha10Kg
CP501HHibiscus Fine Cut Download Image
CP445JPJuniper Berries Fine Powder Download Image
CP355LLavender Flowers Download Image
CP481LLavender Flowers Cleaned10Kg Download Image
CP429LFPLavender Flower Powder Download Image
CP312LBLemon Balm Leaves Cut
CP428LVLemon Verbena Cut7Kg Download Image
CP326LPLiquorice Powder Download Image
CP451MFMarigold Flowers25Kg Download Image
CP384MPMarigold Flower PowderVarious Download Image
CP538MTSMilk Thistle Seeds Download Image
CP461MLMullein Leaves Download Image
CP541NENeem Powder20Kg Download Image
CP386NPNettle Herb PowderVarious Download Image
CP175NLNettle Leaves Cut Download Image
CP406NLNettle Leaf Fine Cut8-25Kg Download Image
CP485NLNettle Leaves Whole10Kg Download Image
CP466PSParsley Stalks20Kg Download Image
CP506RPRed Rose Petal Powder25Kg Download Image
CP315RCPRed Clover Flower Powder Download Image
CP542RTRed Bush Tea Cut18Kg Download Image
CP316RCWRed Clover Flowers Whole
CP254RFCStandardRosehip Fine Cut Download Image
CP338RPStandardRosehip Powder
CP539RSRosehip Shells Download Image
Alba Clover
Albanian Sage
Angelica Root Download Image
Basil, Albanian
Bilberry Herb
Birch Leaves Download Image
Blackcurrant Leaves
Blackcurrants Download Image
Blueberry Leaf
Carob Powder
Chicory Cut
Chokeberry Download Image
Cornflower Blue
Cornflower Pink
Dandelion Root Download Image
Dandelion Whole
Elderberry Leaf
Ginger Nigerian, Tea Bag Cut Download Image
Globe Artichoke Leaf
Goat’s Rue
Golden Rod Herb Cut Download Image
Grape Vine Leaf
Greek Mountain Tea
Heather Flowers Download Image
Herb of Grace Leaves
Knotgrass Herb
Lauri (Bay)
Linden Flowers Cut Download Image
Liquorice Root Pieces Download Image
Meadowsweet Leaves
Oregano, Albanian
Peppermint Leaves 4mm Download Image
Peppermint Powder
Plantain Leaves, Narrow Leaves Download Image
Plantain Leaves
Raspberry Leaf Powder25Kg Download Image
Rosa Canina Cut
Rosa Canina Powder
Rosemary, Albanian
Rowan Berry Download Image
Sabucus Nigra Cut
Sabucus Nigra Whole
Saint John’s Wort
Savory, Albanian
Sea Buckthorn Berries Download Image
Strawberry Leaf
Sour Cherry Leaves
Sweet Clover
Thyme, Albanian
True Service Tree Leaves
Valerian Root Cut Download Image
Wood Sorrel

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